Evergrowing American audience for video-sharing websites
January 10th, 2008

BBC is quick to notice the results of the latest Pew Internet Project study on video-sharing websites. The obvious conclusion is that there was a sudden rise in audience numbers of such websites within the last year and especially within the last months. YouTube and Cracle, the old and the young of the video-sharing websites, are mentioned as enjoying similar growth rates (18% in two months after the writers’ strike for YouTube, and from 1,2 million in September and October to the doubled 2,4 million audience gathered over November and December for Crackle), which is surprisingly greater than usual for such a short period of time.

Besides the writers’ strike and, consequently, some of the TV shows being shut down — as possible momentum for video-sharing websites audience growth, the BBC article sums up other causes mentioned in the Pew study, such as “the spread of broadband connections and the widespread use of video by a variety of websites as factors for the longer term growth in audiences to video sharing sites.” Increased number of Americans with high-speed connection at home (upper to 54% compared to the 45% of the year before), increased number of video-sharing websites, and increased number of amateur video creators (22% of all Americans create and 14% of them also post) seem to be the series of fortunate events that catalyze this change in the focus of the online audience. For details regarding audience differences depending on age, gender and other criteria, feel free to take a look at the Pew study.

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