Global Voices issued its first Introductory Guide to Global Citizen Media
January 17th, 2008

Global Voices Rising Voices

David Sasaki announces in a post from January 16th the issue of the first Introductory Guide to Global Citizen Media, under the collective authorship of Rising Voices, which is a citizen media outreach initiative of Global Voices. The material has all the data concerning why people are increasingly using blogs, podcasts, online video, and digital photography. One of the main reasons is “to engage in an unmediated conversation which transcends borders, cultures, and differing languages.” Most importantly, the content offers a quick intro on the main channels of global citizen media participation, with technical details, resources, case studies and the promise of more elaborate guides — throughout 2008 — on each of the channels: RSS feeds, blogs, digital photography, podcasting, and online video.

Interesting to note, as a plus not found in other citizen media documentations, the guide emphasizes the predominant importance awarded to the Northern Hemisphere — North America and Western Europe, though “some of the most exciting and innovative developments related to citizen media are taking place in the non-Western world.” A truly integrated global citizen media requires that the audience pay attention to places and people not always to be found into the spotlights of the Northern media, on or offline, and in the mainstream journalism. The first edition of An Introduction to Citizen Media is available in English, Spanish, and Bengali. Here’s the link for the English version.

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