Mobile phone radiation wrecks your sleep
January 22nd, 2008

Radiation from mobile phones delays and reduces sleep, and causes headaches and confusion, according to a new study, reports The Independent.

The research, sponsored by the mobile phone companies themselves, shows that using the handsets before bed causes people to take longer to reach the deeper stages of sleep and to spend less time in them, interfering with the body’s ability to repair damage suffered during the day.

The findings are especially alarming for children and teenagers, most of whom – surveys suggest – use their phones late at night and who especially need sleep. Their failure to get enough can lead to mood and personality changes, ADHD-like symptoms, depression, lack of concentration and poor academic performance.

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1 - tylerhill

In reality, DoCoMo, Japan’s largest mobile provider and the likely frontrunner for the iPhone in Japan, doesn’t actually operate ConnectMail, which reader Andrew Sheppard pointed out is an independent service run by Japan Communications.

2 - Bob Calder

Why don’t we just agree that crap like this doesn’t belong in print, electronic or otherwise.

Dignifying it with a glance is unworthy. Actually reading it causes nausea.

[...] blogging about mobile matters is written by Dan Lewis at Skydeck. Included in the featured posts is SmartMobs’ Emily Turretini’s recent post about why you shouldn’t keep your cell phone under your pillow. Dan writes: “Read up to [...]

4 - Concerned

When it comes to my children’s safety, I don’t think anything should be taken lightly – that applies to cell phones, too. This blog looks at some preventative measures against cell phone radiation; check it out.

5 - Ksenia

I think that the problem is that the industry doesn’t want us to know it, and the big companies hush up any reasearch perjudicial to them. What you expected they would say? That their produce is harmful? They will never say that! The tobacco industry has been telling us for decades that smoking is not dangerous, and yet it is.
I have seen my father investigating that issue for a many years, and I am absolutely convinced that there is a real danger.
Look, for instance, look that article: Temperature measuring of personal computer operator’s hands with the help of infrared thermography

The use of computers (another thing that big companies don’t want us to know) INCREASE the body’s temperature, and it’s proved that mobiles have similar effects.

That other article is about mobile phones effects. For this test, the device Aurospectrophotometer 2100(USA) was used. That device was developed for objective estimation of physiological and psychological state of human organism through high-frequency glow color gamma fixation. And you can see through the images that that state changes when we use a mobile phone.

Once and for all, please…open your eyes and your mind.

PS: I’m not telling that using a mobile phone will kill you  immediately. I’m not a paranoic. I know that there are LOTS of more dangerous things. But is a fact that that mobiles are not absolutely innocuous.

Hi,Thanks a lot.I Was wary about my rest.Now i am able to know the reason.Before sleep i will off my cell phone.Thanks

7 - Lisa

It’s smart to consider radiation exposures from your cell phone. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) undertook a 10-month research review to understand the risks and found that phones do emit radiation and that the existing research on cell phone radiation is still muddled. And with more and more studies suggesting health risks, this lack of information is troubling. So, be smart. Get a low-radiation phone and use it in ways that reduce your radiation exposure – it’s simple with EWG’s free searchable database and 8 smart tips – all here:

[...] a recent comment to a Smartmobs posting of 2008 Lisa points to a 10-month research review of the The Environmental Working Group (EWG) to [...]

9 - Vic Purcell

Even though i’m not sure if using my phone before i go to sleep actually causes me to take longer to fall asleep and not have a deep,un-interrupted sleep because of the radiation from it, this new study would explain why when i go to bed it takes me about an hour or loner to fall asleep and when i do fall asleep it’s never a good sleep that causes me to get up in the morning feeling awake and alert, i usually wake up and feel i’ve been drugged because i’m so tired from lack of sleep and it takes me another night to get back the sleep that i missed the night before.

So while i’m not entirely sold on the study findings that connect sleep disruption to mobile phone radiation it has definetly got me feeling skeptical and making me suspicious of my phone and its unintended negative effects.

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