Workshop: Teenagers’ Actions and Interactions Online in Central and Eastern Europe
February 1st, 2008

The Sociology and Social Work Department of Babes Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in cooperation with the Center For Media and Communication Studies of Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, are launching an invitation to the workshop organized around the main theme of “Teenagers’ Actions and Interactions Online in Central and Eastern Europe – Potentials and empowerment, risks and victimization.” The date is 23-25 May 2008. The place is Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Quoting from the invitation:

The idea that the new communication technologies are able to create new social practices and to shape human behavior has stirred up multiple controversies and radically opposed side takings, especially when it comes to certain social-demographic categories seen as “risk-prone”. Recent tendencies in the evolution of computer mediated technology and web content have led to the rejection of a rigid technological determinism and instead, they have shifted the discourse towards a consideration of various influences on behavior and actions, both online and offline.

Our seminar proposes a documented insight into various issues related to teenagers’ actions and interactions online in Central and Eastern Europe: potentials for skills development, empowerment of the oppressed youth, as well as risks of online oppressive behaviors and victimization effects of the online environment. We are interested in identifying new types of teenagers’ online behavior, gratifications and effects generated by the Internet (Web and CMC), with an emphasis on specific problems and risks. A special attention should be given to the gender perspective and ethnicity in the context of Internet use.

The seminar aims at bringing together a rich diversity of research approaches, quantitative and qualitative, in order to: 1. to differentiate typologies and patterns of Internet associated performances among teenagers, 2. to develop a prevention model to counterbalance the online oppressive and victimization phenomenon, 3. to build a network of researchers and professionals who are willing to research and act for encouraging the useful potentials and empowering effects of online behaviors, to work and consult together in order to stop or at least to prevent online oppressive/ victimization phenomenon.


We are looking for papers that address the following topics:

1. Online engagement, participation, empowerment
2. Gender and ethnic identities and differences online
3. Cyber-bulling, sexual victimization/ abuse, harassment online
4. Prevention of online victimization/ abuse, safety implications, policy solutions for ISPs / development of content /practice codes for ISPs and ICPs.

We invite proposals for papers on these topics and any other related issues that might enable the exploration, description, critiques, comparative aspects in the proposed thematic area, theoretical as well as empirical approaches. Contributions that address more than one theoretical perspective and cover different areas within the social sciences are highly welcomed (sociology, social work, psychology, media and Internet studies).

For more details concerning participation, feel free to contact me: mchitosca [at]

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