Bullitics nonpartisan online polling with Web 3.0 tools
February 4th, 2008


Bullitics is a new Internet tool, now in beta, designed to do two things:

* Provide a non partisan grassroots online polling community to empower people to become their own pollsters
* Enable people to track the value of candidates and issues in real time

Co-Founder Yosem Companys says: This is NOT a faddish 2.0 site, but rather a patented scientific method that we have developed after years of research to enhance the value of polling.

The 2008 elections in the US are a busy proving ground for many different ideas for integrating the online world into the political realm. Bullitics is doing that for polling. Their beta Website asks for feedback and invites participation: most of the interesting things about the product will be surfacing later on, so please also check the site often for updates as we will be integrating these continuously over time.

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