Campus Party Brazil & Mobile WebTV Live Broadcast
February 15th, 2008

Campus Party is the biggest event of the world involving people interested in internet and technology. Since 1997, during seven days, congregates thousand of people with laptops, smartphones and other devices, sharing experiences and developing all type of activities using communications and new technologies.

São Paulo Bienal
image from: official site of Campus Party Brazil.

Since last monday, there was a Campus Party Brazil, moving São Paulo in a lot of different areas: Gaming, Robotics, Blogging, Music, Modding, Astronomy, Development… Brazilian bloggers, twitters, flickrers follow the word #cparty that is spreading toward the web this week.

At Campus Party Brazil:

Milela - mobile web tv

Image from Luis Leão

Milena, from Mobile WebTV Live Broadcast, like a candy-girl, transforms information in sweeties and herself in a live channel.

Mobile WebTv

About WebTV Live Broadcast:

“This project was basically a live (and on demand) webtv channel broadcasting from streets to the World Wide Web; in other words, anyone had the chance to be ‘youtubed’ besides learning how to make their own webtv channels in the current context of freedom and domination that we’re living in (network and liquid-modern societies) whereas we must to take an activist position reffering to the mobile technologie’s popularization and the rising of different argues about “public” and “digital” television in Brazil.”

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