Is Facebook Doomed?
February 22nd, 2008

Robert Scoble just wrote a post that says his Facebook usage has been going down and he asks Is Facebook doomed?

On the other hand, I did some research of my own using comScore MyMetrix and was able to see that Facebook and MySpace usage is down for home usage and at universities, but NOT AT WORKFacebook Traffic is leveling off, at other Social Networks too – are people losing interest?

Why are people losing interest, somewhat, in Social Networking? Is Facebook going back to the kids? Yep, according to BBC News:

“…Facebook – it’s so over. That’s been the tenor of most of the commentary since Thursday’s figures showing a slight dip in Facebook’s UK users. The general feeling is that the kids, with their minute attention spans, have already tired of the social networking site and moved on to something more hip and happening. I think the opposite is true – that Facebook’s new wave of older users have decided it is just not worth the bother and are now leaving it to the kids. “

But like I said over at The Analytics Guru – Usage of Facebook and MySpace is sharply UP at work! This comes from my own data pull right out of comScore:

comScore Trend Report – 1 year – usage of MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn at WORK

So while overall usage is down – as reported in the US and UK (according to comScore) the use of Social Networks is UP, according to comScore – for use in your carrier.

The real issue here – do people want to stop using Social Networks so much when they’re home because they’ve become too “work related”? I think so.

People are tired, tired of the economy, tired of the fast pace of life, tired of being “online” all the time and becoming tired of a more and more Social Networks.

I will admit, I’m part of a group, the director of it, if fact, that’s building a Social Network for the Web Analytics Association called WAASOCIAL – as a place for Web Analysts to build and enhance a sense of community online.

We’ve been finding it’s not easily to build a Social Network because you also have to create content – and have something for people to do – and at some point, it becomes work. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing WAASOCIAL picking up and we’re beginning to get momentum building – anyone is welcome to join it, BTW, especially if your interested in Analytics.

But it’s true, people are getting saturated with Social Networks – so the experience needs to improve life, and maybe it is, for our work life, but when we get off of work, at home, recreation or education / university – usage of Social Networks appears to be leveling off or even going down slightly.

Links: TheAnalyticsGuru, Robert Scoble, TechCrunch, BBC News and Read/WriteWeb

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