Drupal NewsCloud Mashup Module
February 23rd, 2008

Jeff Reifman [jeff@newscloud.com] wrote Smartmobs these days:

This Drupal module is kind of unique in that it integrates to NewsCloud’s Web Service API. So, it’s a mashup of NewsCloud’s social news features and Drupal’s content management features.

I thought you might be up for blogging about it…


[Thank you Jeff for letting us know !!]

Today, I’m excited to announce the beta release of the Drupal Newsroom Module powered by NewsCloud:

The Drupal Newsroom provides an excellent way to add dynamic current events and news to your Drupal-powered Web site. It’s also a great way to stimulate involvement and discussion in your online member community.

The Drupal Newsroom module provides a page for your Drupal-powered Web site with news stories based on specific topic(s) from NewsCloud.com or populated by your staff or site members. The newsroom module allows your members to browse headlines, read stories, vote, comment and post new articles.

The Drupal Newsroom allows organizations on different Web sites to collaborate, selecting stories for a topic-based newsroom, sharing the content and discussions from their site with other like-minded groups.

You can visit the demonstration site here (log in with user/user):

Learn more or download the module here

If you have a Drupal 5.x-based Web site or work with organizations on Drupal, please tell them about the module. I’d be glad to work with organizations that wish to try out the module.

I’d also be excited to work with any Plone groups that would like to sponsor an equivalent module for their platform.

Please send feature requests and bug reports to jeff@newscloud.com

Thanks go out to the following folks…Jodie Tonita who introduced me to…
Alex and Rob at Social Signal who were nice enough to collaborate on the specification and Dave Tarc … he’s developed the module code (quite well I might add).

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