Microsoft defines “Engagement Mapping”
February 25th, 2008

Earlier today Microsoft announced a New Reporting Standard for Digital Campaign Performance: Engagement Mapping which will be tested and certified by a number of online media agencies (I guess that’s a kinda unusual for something as “soft” as “engagement” which hasn’t had a standard way to be measured yet):

“…Engagement ROI, an online campaign reporting and optimization solution that will undergo testing by national advertising clients and agencies, including Agência Click + UNICA, Best Western International Inc., BKV, Citi Cards, GSD&M Idea City, Ingenuity Media of The Martin Agency, Initiative, McKinney, MEC Interaction, Mindshare Interaction, Monster Worldwide Inc., Neo@Ogilvy, Sprint and World Vision. Engagement ROI evaluates and assigns measurable value to a consumer’s interaction with ads, giving advertisers and publishers a more complete picture of online behavior. “

I now work at Monster Worldwide Inc, so naturally, I’ll be looking to find out more about what we’re doing to test Engagement ROI – and it’s one area that Google hasn’t really entered into, not withstanding some new capabilities in Google Analytics enabling the measurements of online video clips – Google hasn’t defined “Engagement” whereas Microsoft has (has Microsoft actually “beaten Google at something?).

Actually, I agree with the concept Microsoft is putting forth with Engagement Mapping, it reminds me of “Spot Clicks” and the IBM Homepage Metrics I created in 2006 where I sought to give credit to visitors of IBM’s homepage when they filled out an online lead generation form, even if that form was filled out 20 clicks later after the entered the site.

I think people are influenced by what they’ve experienced before and the effect is cumulative – explored the idea in a post on Power of Pervasive Subliminal Advertising which featured a pretty scary video that showed just how much we’re influenced by what we’ve seen, even if it’s by our subconscious – look at the online video to see for yourself.

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