Not An Employee
February 29th, 2008

In keeping with the labor struggle focus in Johan Söderberg’s excellent new book Hacking Capitalism as well as Clay Shirky’s recent “Here Comes Everybody” blog and book , I would like to call attention to what I think is an important venture, and, moreover, what I hope is merely one of many similar initiatives to come.

Not An Employee

Now we are everywhere, and independent.
But not alone.

We do not work for you. You do not work for us.
We choose to work together.

We are diverse.
We are labor, but we are also capital.


I have long contended that a key transformation to p2p culture rests in the reclamation of the operationalization of “work” by the workers themselves: everything from self-selection (volunteerism) like we see on Wikipedia to widespread freelancing made possible by sites that match individuals’ skillsets to others’ needs. Now, Not An Employee celebrates the individual’s freedom to choose a self-directed work life “unencumbered by employers and better without bosses.”

Not An Employee

(thx, Bill Tozier)

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