Saving Zipcar
March 2nd, 2008

Worldchanging recognizes the almost revolutionary potential of product-service systems. Because it’s one of the best demonstrations of that potential, they have been vocal supporters of carsharing, and they want to see it work.

Erica Barnett writes on the Worldchanging blog: “I hate dealing with most companies. But I loved Flexcar.

Last October, Flexcar announced it was merging with the larger Cambridge, MA-based Zipcar–an occasion I wrote about, optimistically but with some trepidation, for this site. (..) At the time, I called Flexcar a “scrappy little challenger to the big bad auto industry, offering infrequent drivers like me an affordable, ethical alternative to buying a car or renting from one of the big car rental companies.”

According to Erica Zipcar is “Philosophically miles away from its carsharing roots–an understandable evolution for a for-profit company” A part of their policy she still describes as “a shame from a corporation that purports to care about “the significant, positive environmental impact of car sharing”.

more about the Zipcar concept of sharing a car at their corporate website

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