‘School of Everything’ (UK) announces Social Innovation Camp
March 2nd, 2008

Paul Miller, Co-founder and CEO of the School of Everything writes Smartmobs:

Thought you might be interested in a little project I’m working on called Social Innovation Camp (http://www.sicamp.org).

The basic idea is to get people with ideas that could change the world together with geeks who might be able to help them for a weekend (4-6 April). There will be Red Bull, beer and pizza a plenty and we’re hoping to find the next Wikipedia.

We’ve launched a Call for Ideas to find the best ideas we think we can develop over the weekend. We’re going to select between 5 and 10 projects and the the winning projects will get to come along to the weekend and see their idea become a reality – we’re going to be helping them scope out the possibilities and creating some great software. By the end of the weekend we want some working prototypes – we’ve got some small cash prizes for the best ones and there will be funders who we hope will commit to take on some of the projects after the event.

Anna Maybank is running the project, but the original idea and funding proposal came from me, Dan McQuillan, Digital Guru for the Make Your Mark Campaign and Christian Ahlert of OpenBusiness and Minibar. We’ve got funding from NESTA, Yahoo! are our tech partner and the Young Foundation is supporting it too.

Our Call for Ideas lasts for another week – it closes on Friday 7th March. Some of the best stuff we’ve had in so far includes Barcode Wikipedia, a tool for sharing cycle routes in London and an idea for how the web could help the UK prison system become a more humane institution for those with friends or family serving jail terms.

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