Introducing Pixish — a new way to source images for publishing
March 5th, 2008

Derek Powazek, founder of Fray, one of the old Hotwired and Electric Minds crew, has an intriguing new venture, Pixish.

I wanted to introduce you to my new project. It’s an attempt to better connect the disparate communities of publishers and artists. It’s called Pixish.

Pixish is a new way to source images for publishing by holding open calls for submissions. Right now, if you want images, you have two options. You could hire an artist (expensive, difficult, and time-consuming) or you could surf microstock sites (cheap, but frustrating and time-consuming). Pixish seeks to be a middle path.

On Pixish, you can post an Assignment that asks for exactly the kind of imagery you need. The Pixish creative community can then submit their work, and review each other’s submissions. Then all you have to do is pick the winners and send the rewards.

Yes, it’s a contest, but it’s also an opportunity for new artists to get discovered, get published, and get paid. The talent is out there – all you have to do is invite it.

More info:

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