“Wilders is not Holland”
March 9th, 2008

Wilders is not Holland is a website that gives the opportunity to the Dutch people to “show the world that Geert Wilders does not speak on behalf of Holland, but on behalf of himself.”

The webbased petition starts with the following intro:

Dear people of the international community,
We, the Dutch, find it important to show the world that Geert Wilders and his forthcoming film ‘Fitna’ are not expressing the views of the people of Holland.

The initiators continue to motivate this collective action as following:

(..) “We want to believe in talking with each other, listening to each other and respecting each other. Freedom of speech is a great good. But living together in peace is too”

On March 21 a total of 8092 people signed the petition, and the Telegraaf picked it up.

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