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March 24th, 2008

Arnaud Leene pointed via Twitter to the ‘perfect twitter tool’ Quotably, saying “Looks interesting” ….. and with his reputation as Internet Hooverer, microblogging expert, when Arnaud says, looks interesting, i better take that serious. [thank you Arnaud! thanx also for twittering about Friendfeed’s threading !! ]

how do I create threads?

Give Quotably a try ….

Quotably reformats Twitter messages into threaded conversations, making it significantly easier to follow actual discussions that are occurring on Twitter

Follow the conversation on some usernames:
Loic Le Meur
Howard Rheingold
Community marketeer Tara Hunt (alias missrogue)
Dutch Twitter evangelist Erwin Blom
ok ok ……. try it on me ……

It seems these days there are lots of conversations that have moved to Twitter. Quotably aims to make these conversations easier to follow.
Like it? Hate it? Ideas? Follow @quotably.
— Ben Tucker

Fine Print: Quotably is in no way affiliated with Twitter, Inc.

Quotably in TechCrunch

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