‘Sorry for the film’
March 30th, 2008

Is this in honor of april fools day? According to a press announcement by the dutch newsagency ANP now there’s a way for the Dutch to show the world that they disagree with the message of Fitna, the anti-Qoran film of Geert Wilders. That’s the apparent function of this website ‘Sorry For The Film’ that was launched today.

Like the dutch cabinet does in there communication strategy the dutch are invited to communicate to the outside world that they feel sorry and reject this film by adding their picture to that website. The message of the website is said to be translated in many different languages, including Perzian and Arabic.

We’re sorry. We, Dutchmen, are sorry that this film has been made. We are sorry that it seems to be our voice. We are sorry that it receives so much attention. That its maker abuses his liberties to spread his unfair message, founded on fear and hate. That he knows no respect. That he presents himself as a saviour of the West.We do not want to be saved by him. We are ashamed of this man. Don’t judge us.”

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