Criticism in the western world
March 31st, 2008

Professor Mr. Ellian of legal philosophy at Leiden University in the Wallstreet Journal:

“The issue isn’t really Mr. Wilders’s movie, or whether it incites hatred (..) It’s whether we are capable of defending our values against the intolerance of radical Muslims”.

“Some people wanted “Fitna” banned before seeing it. That’s disconcerting. Dutch law prohibits a priori censorship”

“(Wilders) outrageous remarks have stirred a constructive discussion about the Quran and Islam in the Netherlands that is more vigorous than in any Western or, for that matter, Muslim country. And uncomfortable as they may be for Dutch Muslims, they help them view their religion in a more critical light”

“The Western world long ago learned to criticize, even mock, religion. Think of such movies as “The Life of Brian” and “The Da Vinci Code” or more serious texts on Christianity by Nietzsche, whose famous phrase “God is Dead” is part of popular culture. Competition of ideas is fundamental to the Western way of life. The Islamic world isn’t accustomed to such discussions”

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