Giving voice to the increasingly complex social structures in virtual worlds
April 1st, 2008

In a press release today, Vivox announced that its Multiverse developers will have pre-integrated voice chat and enhanced communications along with high-quality and massively scalable voice chat. While the technicalities of this are appreciated by tech experts, it seems to me that those of us interested in social networks and smart mobs owe this some awe as well. What is announced here facilitates communication in social structures of virtual worlds—where more and more is happening:

“Bucking the traditional publisher model, Multiverse grants developer teams use of their platform, with full SDK access, documentation, and starter assets – including sample worlds – free through flexible revenue sharing plans. Consumers use the Multiverse World Browser, a single, free and downloadable application, to access any world built with the company’s technology. . . .

“Virtual worlds are three dimensional realms with increasingly complex social structures that demand strong, proven communications to thrive,” said Bill Turpin, CEO and co-founder of Multiverse. “By partnering with Vivox, we are enabling virtual world developers to quickly add Vivox’s superior voice services with minimal development effort or financial commitment. Our customers will be able to include feature-rich voice services designed specifically to enrich the virtual world experience with the full support of the Vivox team.”

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