the iRevolution may be SecureSMS’d
April 8th, 2008

Via the Fletcher International AV Club, thanks to Patrick Meier for the tip!

Last week, mobile security company CellTrust rolled out SecureSMS, an application for sending mobile information with military-strength encryption. It allows users of a lost or stolen device to wipe its contents remotely, and is available in 160 countries worldwide. As is clear to Patrick Meier of the Fletcher International AV Club, SecureSMS is invaluable to what he refers to as the iRevolution – a revolution enabled by information, or what smart mobs do. iRevolutionaries could use SecureSMS to communicate about topics censored by repressive regimes, plan non-violent resistance, and ultimately challenge the distribution of power between themselves and such regimes. However, it is unclear whether repressive regimes will block SecureSMS functionality. Meier advises us to stay tuned…

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