smart mobs + flashdance = flash mob dance party!
April 17th, 2008

What do you get when you mashup SMS with San Franciscans and a mobile sound system in a public space? A flash mob dance party, a.k.a. a damn good time. This semi-monthly tradition dates back to November of 2005, when DJ Amandeep Jawa first experimented with the idea. He emailed friends and friends of friends, and got everyone set up for SMS notifications. Just before the operation, he sent out the coordinates: a specified time at a public space somewhere in San Francisco. When the moment arrived, people descended upon the location with dance fury, and he descended along with them, accompanied by his mobile sound system. The seemingly impromptu dance party (according to birds and other onlookers) proceeded to dance for two straight hours. And it’s been going strong ever since.

The first flash mob dance party of 2008 is this coming Saturday. The coordinates have been announced: 7-9pm at the 24th Street BART Station @ Mission. For SMS notifications, send a text message with FLASHDANCE to 41411 or; for twitterers, send the message “follow deepasaurus” to 40404 or follow And tipping the DJ with dark chocolate, peanut butter M&M’s (no Reese’s pieces) or Henry Weinhards’ ROOT beer is always appreciated.

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