A crowd evaluating art at the Brooklyn Museum
April 23rd, 2008

What will happen when a crowd curates a museum exhibition? The Brooklyn Museum is finding out by opening evaluations to the online public.

The art has been collected though a crowdsourced art show. The museum held an open call for photography that captures “the changing face of Brooklyn” and received got hundreds of submissions. Now, the crowd is voting to select submissions that will comprise the show this summer.

The open evaluation will continue through May 23. You can participate by signing up at the Click! A Crowd-Curated Exhibition website, which tells visitors:

Click! is a photography exhibition that invites Brooklyn Museum’s visitors, the online community, and the general public to participate in the exhibition process. Taking its inspiration from the critically acclaimed book The Wisdom of Crowds, in which New Yorker business and financial columnist James Surowiecki asserts that a diverse crowd is often wiser at making decisions than expert individuals, Click! explores whether Surowiecki’s premise can be applied to the visual arts—is a diverse crowd just as “wise” at evaluating art as the trained experts?

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