To Naymz or not to Naymz, that’s the question
April 24th, 2008

Since two weeks I am trying this new social network service called Naymz and find it has some added value compared to other networks. Listening however to what the community twitters about the assumed benefits I seem a bit lonely in my praise. Lonely or not in my view a service like this has great potential to grow out into a world standard for building a reputation network.

“There is little that is as important as your good name. The importance of your name and online reputation is steadily increasing as more and more people flock to the Web. Naymz is an innovative Reputation Network that lets you establish and promote your good name online”.

Concerning an additional online reputation repair service their website promises: “Naymz has the ability to create positive and accurate information about you in order to control what the search engines say about you“.

– Business Week “ is a blessing for those looking to control their Google reputation. It effectively lets you create a profile and then link out to all of your other profiles. Whereas LinkedIn is heavy on the networking-side, Naymz is more of a holding-tank for your brand. Best of all, Google seems to love it!” – Andy Beal,

[compare the Quotablies on Naymz to this tweetscan of what twitterers said in the same period quotably about the more familiar network service Linkedin. It is the spamming of Naymz that is mainly questioned.]

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