Tom Drugan Naymz Co-Founder responded
April 25th, 2008

Hi Gerrit,

We appreciate you “seeing the light” in terms of what we are trying to accomplish here at Naymz.

The transparency, and lack-there-of, of the social web is growing in importance. More and more people are turning to Google and social networks to do background checks on others. Anybody can claim anything they want about themselves or others. I can sign-up for LinkedIn and claim that I am a Harvard Grad with a PHD is Physics and that I invented the can opener. None of this is correct. We take a bit of a unique approach to LinkedIn in that we add a layer validation and trust through the power of the social web and services like Trufina. We also have a bigger bent around promoting you good name and profile through search engine placements, custom domain names, badges, etc. Here are some of the other items that make us unique from LinkedIn:

We’ve been getting beat up a bit lately, particularly on the likes of Twitter. I think people are reluctant to use anything else in the world of professional networking other than LinkedIn (at least here in the US ). They are also dealing with e-mail invitation overload from various social networking sites including ours. Just like most other social networks, we do allow our members to import their contacts and send out invites. Many people forget this is exactly how LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, etc. built their businesses.

To put things in context, we are a small team of three people with no VC/corporate backing trying to make a unique and useful product. LinkedIn has 200+ employees and an estimated $1 billion valuation behind them. We are flattered to be in the same breath as LinkedIn, but we do realize that there are a lot of improvements to be made on Naymz if we ever plan on seriously competing with them on any level. The good news is we are growing quickly and have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline. We hope to convert the naysayers at some point.


Tom Drugan

Naymz Co-Founder

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