The global village is mobile
April 29th, 2008

“we shape our tools and then our tools shape us.”
– Marshall McLuhan

With just over half of the world’s population teleconnected, the next four years will bring about unprecedented social and technological change. It is the realisation of what author Wyndham Lewis coined the “global village ” later extended by Marshall McLuhan to describe the technological collective unconscious.

As of this week, Australia claimed over 21.26 million mobile users, which is approximately one phone for every person in the country. Meanwhile in the UK, British Telecom is weighing the removal of payphones in some regions of Scotland due to lagging profits. And in Cuba, 7,400 new cell phone accounts were created in just ten days.

While we struggle to adapt to the velocity of changes these new technologies have introduced into our lives, there is also time to think through our collective vision of the future. Developers, researchers, artists and citizens alike may discover shared goals if only we use our teleconnectedness to listen as well as broadcast.

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