Come fly with Cory
May 8th, 2008

A leading visionary and enthusiast for virtual learning, Cory Ondrejka is featured in a story in The Wired Campus this afternoon. The headline is: Co-Founder of Second Life Says Academics Are Biggest Trailblazers in Virtual Worlds. Cory says the academics are adopting more than gamers and industry. He also comments on how the professors learn to use the new medium:

Mr. Ondrejka said that when professors first build a virtual campus, they usually try to exactly replicate a classroom in Second Life, with desks, chairs, and walls. But then they realize that the world allows different kinds of movement and communication than the real world. “You realize that in a world where you can fly, classrooms aren’t really that useful,” he said. So professors have built new kinds of classrooms online with no roofs. “Suddenly you see this explosion of classroom forms that matches what they’re trying to teach,” he added.

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