Happy Bloggiversary to the Library of Congress
May 12th, 2008

Library of Congress Director of Communications Matt Raymond is also the LOC’s blogger. In a recent post titled My First ‘Bloggiversary,’ Raymond reflects on the conclusion of the first year of the blog:

If I weren’t back on Atkins, I might be tempted to track down a cupcake and a birthday candle, because today is the first anniversary of this blog. (It is also, not coincidentally, the 208th birthday of the Library of Congress, a milestone this blog itself will not reach until the year 2215, long after the entire Internet has been downloaded onto nanobots and injected into our bloodstreams. Assuming, of course, that our new nanobot overlords still indeed call it the “Internet.”)

In an informal style, Raymond provides eight reflections on the first years of this pioneering federal blog, including this one that shows how seminal his work really is: “When we launched, there were fewer than 10 federal blogs, and we were — as far as I know — the first truly institution-wide blog among federal agencies. As of today, that list has more than tripled to at least 31.”

Thirty-one is a small number from the thousands of federal agencies that exist. One wonders how much we will learn about the goings on in our government if federal blogging really does catch on.

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