G.O.P. Uses social media to attack Obama
May 13th, 2008

According to the NY Times the G.O.P. is leveraging social media to attack Senator Barack Obama:

The Republican National Committee has rolled out a new Web site, “CanWeAsk.com” that takes on Senator Barack Obama as though he were already the Democratic nominee. The site, using a new Web video, is soliciting viewers’ questions, in text and video formats, to ask of Senator Obama.

The fact that the Republican National Committee is utilizing social-media is a telling indicator that “The Next Social Revolution” has no borders. Social-media has become so embedded within our societies that even the G.O.P. is in on the action. In the humble opinion of this blogger “CanWeAsk.com” is not really social as it is more a “media” outlet. From this perspective, CanWeAsk.com is a propaganda pipeline on the “interwebs” which does not encourage collaboration nor cooperation.

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