What’s the (nim)buzz ….
May 13th, 2008

Tobias Kemper writes us that his startup Nimbuzz launched today ‘a new FREE all-in-one solution on the mobile, PC and Web for calling, conference calling, instant messaging, group chat and chat rooms, and photo and file sending across multiple IM communities, including Skype, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo!, AIM, Jabber and ICQ, plus 23 social networks including Facebook and Myspace’

Their service provides not just a multiheaded client (like many others), but they managed to integrate a variety of the available social communities.

Tobias mentions the following technical details:

– free voice calling and file sharing from social networks, and email
– free mobile chat from social networks, websites, and email
– supports genuine mobile voip for 92 devices using symbian s60
– as well as hybrid voip (local dial-in) for 50 countries and works on 500+ handsets (skype offers in 7 cos and our main competitor doesn’t offer this solution)
– our patented “Buzz” feature will actually launch the application on your phone if someone is trying to buzz you
– we support a mobile, web, wap, and PC
– some big network and SnS announcements this summer

Tobias added: We are announcing our genuine mobile VoIP solution as well as a cool new widget which brings voice to social networks and even email signatures.

Thanx for letting us know Tobias !!!

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