Does the MySpace mom’s prosecution threatens us all?
May 17th, 2008

Recently, Farhad Manjoo* tackled the sobering yet serious account of Lori Drew, the “MySpace Mom” who was indicted for the”cyberbullying” and “cyberbaiting” of the late Megan Meier.

“In 2006, according to law enforcement officials, Lori Drew, a 49-year-old mother in O’Fallon, Mo., created a fake MySpace account under the name Josh Evans, whom she cooked up as a 16-year-old boy new to town. Prosecutors say Drew used the phony profile to set up an online relationship with Megan Meier, a 13-year-old classmate of Drew’s daughter. And then, to viciously dump Meier.” (Source.)

Ultimately the “dumping” of Megan Meier was too much for her to bear and she chose the path of suicide to quell her personal pain. (Our sympathies go out to the Meier family.)

The purpose of this entry is to bring to light the potential social impact this indictment could make on our societies. Farhad Manjoo poignantly points out that “the MySpace mom’s prosecution threatens us all“.
According to Manjoo:

“In breaking the contract with MySpace, prosecutors say Drew is
criminally responsible. She can go to jail, in other words, for failing
to heed the legal terms of a Web site she clicked on. […]

If prosecutors were given wide freedoms to charge folks who violated such things, there wouldn’t be enough jails on the planet to house us hoodlums.”

Read the article to inform yourself of the issues presented here and to judge for yourself if this indictment is really a threat to all of us.

*Salon staff writer covering technology and tech culture.

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