Social networks triumph as college roommate selectors
May 23rd, 2008

From this report in Wired Campus, it seems that everyone is happier – including the colleges – when social networking instead of college administrators matches roommates. There are online services that colleges can outsource to for the assignments. Some institutions have created their own software tools for the selecting. Whatever else is in the process, students are likely to do their own background checks on popular social nets.

“Over the last few years we have seen such an increase in calls in July and August with requests to change rooms because of what students have seen on MySpace or Facebook,” said Marty Brantley, Tulane’s director of housing services.

“So we’ve been trying to find a product or service that can do a better job matching students on more criteria and do so in a Web environment familiar to students of this generation. We know students are still going to look at Facebook and MySpace and make comparisons to information there, but that’s really how the conversation started for us.”

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