Japan Snack Company Creates Mobile MMOG
May 28th, 2008

Via Communities Dominate Brands:

Japan snack giant – Tohato – used mobile phones, two flavor of snacks and 2D barcodes to create a MMOG allowing users to pit themselves against one another depending on which flavor (Habanero or Satan Jorquia) chosen.

Tomi sums up just why this worked so well:

“It is clearly capitalizing on many of the the 7th Mass Media benefits, personal (my gaming character on my phone), permanently carried (alerts), always on (4 AM wars), user data (redeeming the 2D coupon) and social context (viral marketing).”

This marketing ploy is both attractive and addicting, which created a community around Tohato’s product. Perfect example of what the future holds in advertising and how mobile devices will play a role.

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