Book: Handbook of Mobile Communication Studies
May 29th, 2008

Stephanie Rieger of Keitai: Mobility, Culture and User Experience has brought to our attention that this July marks the release of the long awaiting book from the MIT Press entitled:Handbook of Mobile Communication Studies, edited by James E. Katz with afterword by Manuel Castells.
(And a chapter on Smart Mobs by Howard Rheingold)

“The contributors [of this handbook] explore the ways mobile communication profoundly affects the tempo, structure, and process of daily life around the world. They discuss the impact of mobile communication on social networks, other communication strategies, traditional forms of social organization, and political activities. They consider how quickly miraculous technologies come to seem ordinary and even necessary–and how ordinary technology comes to seem mysterious and even miraculous”.

“[The] choice of topics [for this handbook] has been guided by the overarching idea that mobile communication has become mainstream even while it remains a subject of fascination in usage configurations and social consequences. As such, the handbook aims at examining the way mobile communication is fitting into and altering social processes in many places around the globe and at many levels within society. In essence, then, it presents a series of analyses of how the reality of being mobile and in communication with distant information and personal resources affects daily life. Of course, with more than a third of all humans in the world operating under such conditions, it is hard to make precise claims that are at once manifestly universal and useful. Yet, as the chapters in this volume demonstrate, there are some remarkably consistent changes in personal routines and social organization as a result of literally putting mobile communication resources into the hands of people.”

SOURCE: Handbook of Mobile Communication Studies
Handbook of Mobile Communication Studies – The MIT Press
About the Editor and Authors – Download PDF (59 KB)
INDEX – Download PDF (83 KB)

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