Update on the mobile market
May 29th, 2008

A post by Russell Buckley at MobHappy has a link to a free report from Portio Research plus Russell’s analysis. Russell’ introduction begins:

Portio Reseach have just published a free downloadable PDF, which contains tons of market data on the state of mobile. It’s a taster for the whole report that they want you to buy (fair enough), but there’s loads of facts to get your mind around in the free version.

Earlier this week, I wrote about one of the Churchill Club predictions that suggested that 80% of people would carry a connected mobile device with 5 – 10 years. Their projections suggest that 2012 will see 4.9 Billion mobile subscribers, at a time when the world population is expected to be about 7 billion.

On this basis, penetration will be about 70% at the very start of the timeframe they were talking about – though not all these phones will be internet-connected at that point. So they’re certainly in the right ballpark. Having said that, right or wrong in terms of exact numbers, the point remains that the mobile and importantly, the mobile web, is going to be very important. . . .

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