Teenager and hookers story creates SEO self-exam
May 31st, 2008

A “Hot Topics” report in the latest Newsletter from the major SEO firm Bruce Clay Inc. is a round-up of a new industry’s self-examination process. The SEOers (search engine optimization professionals) look at the good the bad and the ugly of a false story posted about a teenager in Texas using his Dad’s credit card to buy hookers – and that was picked up by mainstream news. The newsletter explains, when the perpetrator confessed on his blog: “This was the first time that many people were made aware that the story in question was not true, and that it was simply the work of an SEO trying to game the search engines and get links for a client’s Web site.” The newsletter story includes a link to a discussion among the SEOers:

The SEO Community Responds

Lyndon’s bragging caught the eye of the SEO community and the post was quickly the center of a very lively discussion on social networking site Sphinn. While some members applauded Lyndon for his efforts and social media success, others worried that Lyndon was setting a bad example for SEOs.

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