villa Beboed and Facebooked
June 2nd, 2008

Thanks to Don Barker for the tip!

Social network sites are invaluable for propagating information to friends and friends of friends. So 16-year-old Jodie Hudson used Bebo and Facebook to spread the word about her birthday party in Marbella’s posh El Paraiso neighborhood. As it propagated through the social network, the touted party of the year with lots of alcohol and an amazing DJ morphed into a rumor that her parents didn’t mind the house being trashed because they were getting a divorce. And by the time the cops arrived, as reported by The Register, the house looked like a war zone. Party-goers had stolen almost $12,000 worth of jewelry, thrown chairs, tables, and even a TV into the swimming pool, and broken doors. The $8.7 million seven-room villa is rented out during the summer, but will now be out of commission for months. Clearly, it’s prudent to confirm whether you are, in fact, friends with people who come to your birthday party.

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