June 17th, 2008

Thanks to Matthew Cooperrider for the tip!

There are 96 days left until OneWebDay 2008. Every day until then, ambassadors will connect with their communities about how the web influences their lives.

OneWebDay is a tradition started by Susan Crawford in 2006 as a global celebration of the web, and occurs yearly on September 22nd. Because many countries worldwide are holding elections in 2008, this year’s theme is participation in democracy online. And you are invited to be an ambassador, to both expand the reach of OneWebDay by introducing it to new audiences, and increase its overall impact by identifying how this year’s theme of online democracy can manifest itself at local, national, and international scales. As an ambassador, you’ll pick a day between now and September 22nd to connect with your community and advocate OneWebDay, e.g. by writing about it on your blog or hosting a press event. You’ll also be endowed with an electronic kit, including access to a media list and promotion ideas.

For more information, visit the formal invitation to be an ambassador and the OneWebDay slideshow. According to the ambassador kit, “OneWebDay provides an opportunity for people to understand this potential, raise awareness of it, and advocate for it.”

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