Just bookmarking is Firefox history
June 19th, 2008

In his Washington Post column today, Rob Pegoraro lauds the new Firefox 3.0 in a report titled Building a Better Browser: Firefox Keeps Innovating. Included is this highlight about the new powers of Firefox history function:

This time, Firefox developers — employees of the Mountain View, Calif., nonprofit Mozilla, plus outside volunteers — stopped pretending that we all bookmark our favorite pages with the care of reference librarians.

Instead, they built a better history function: You don’t have to remember a site’s address; you have to recall only its title — or just a word or two of it. As you start typing, Firefox will present a list of all the sites that match, then narrow that list as you continue.

If, however, you’re a bookmark-tending type, Firefox 3 can help you make more sense of your Web favorites. You can tag them for easier reference, then sort through to see which ones you visit most and which ones collect dust.

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