Christopher Kelly opens Two Bits to modulation
June 25th, 2008

Via Jenny Cool

Author Christopher M. Kelly has opened up his book, Two Bits, to modulation beginning a collaboration to reach beyond the knowledge presented and allow discussion in the long form about ideas inspired by the book.

He says that modulation can include,

“…articles, essays, or student papers and projects that make use of, take issue with, or expand on Two Bits itself–any work on free software, public spheres and recursive publics, history of software, software studies, geeks and hackers, intellectual property, liberalism and technology, free culture and so on– especially those works that track the spread and movement of these issues beyond the domain of free software.”

By crowdsourcing the knowledge readers can explore a path in relation to their field that goes beyond the book, rather becoming an online journal of ideas relating to Free Software.

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