Smartmobbing a rural postal crisis
June 29th, 2008

My rural, small town of Ripton, Vermont has seen its first smartmob activity, and it probably won’t be the last.

Our local post office has suddenly been closed, without much warning, and without explanation. So the residents of this town used email and a blog to coordinate a protest. We blogged an account here, have set up at least one Flickr pool here, and are putting up YouTube videos.

As many of us discussed, this protest would have been very different just a few years ago, without either widespread internet access (provided by our community broadband coop) or smartmob practices.

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Civic participation is just one of the activities that broadband can help in rural and underserved areas of our Country. Affordable high speed internet access for all Americans is the goal of the Communication Workers Of America’s project Speed Matters. Check out the website for more information at

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