How can we make smart mobs smarter, not more mob-like?
June 30th, 2008

As you may know, street demonstrations in South Korea, protesting the importation of US beef (and the government’s role in opening their market in this way), have been going on for weeks. Because the people at OhmyNews believe that these are smart mobs, and because my book is available in the Korean language, I was invited to make a video address to the Korean people. Here is the transcript.

Hello this is Howard Rheingold speaking to you from northern California.

I want to take this opportunity to speak to Korean people who are involved in the very exciting street demonstrations that bring together the power of technology and self-organization and political expression.

I want to pose an important question to you because I think that Korea has the opportunity to demonstrate to the world how we can evolve better forms of democracy that involve more people through the mediation of technology.

And the question I want to pose to you is this:

How can we make sure that smart mobs become smarter rather than more mob-like?

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