Human Search Engines Seek to Punish
June 30th, 2008

via TimesOnlineUK

China Internet Users are taking search engines to a whole new level. Recent public comments regarding the Chinese earthquake victims and Tibet have lead to a sort of internet lynching by human search engines.

Groups of users seek out all details about a citizen who makes comments against China or its decisions, once they find out all the details about that persons life, they harrass them into apologizing or….into hiding in some cases.

Case in point is the young woman who killed a kitten wearing high heeled shoes and posted a video of it on the Internet. Citizens in China found out everything they could about the woman including her name and harassed her until she apologized and lost her government job.

And they don’t always go care if they have the right person,

“In an unfortunate case of mistaken identity, it turned out there was another exiled Tibetan called Lobsang Gendun living in Utah. Since the targeting of his namesake began, Mr Gendun, a self-proclaimed “Olympic supporter”, has received hundreds of aggressive emails and telephone calls.

“Yes, we curse him to death and we are eager to see him go to Hell,” a participant in the hate campaign against Mr Gendun – it did not seem to matter which one – said. “But do you see us pouring petrol round his house? We are just expressing our rage.”

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