The recent past and future of mobile phones:
July 6th, 2008

Teemu Arina posts this great video about the past two decades, and upcoming couple of years, of mobile phone design.

Then Arina offers this brisk, bold vision of what he thinks is coming down the pike:

“The future of mobile phones is perhaps… not a mobile phone at all, but rather a contextually aware and active mobile magic wand. It’s not about skins anymore. Not even about features, open source, multi-touch or iPhoney. It’s about who is going to make the device interact with your environment as well as capturing it in context. It’s a wand, I tell you. You know what, it’s going to talk with the clouds rather than with native applications. It might or might not link with the global brain.

But what I know for sure, it’s going to combine cloud computing, augmented reality and the internet of things in a meaningful way.”

(via Bruce Sterling)

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