Citizens use YouTube to keep gov’t in check
August 1st, 2008

“Sous-veillance” will see video sharing sites such as YouTube used by citizens to shine a spotlight on things such as deadly hygiene lapses in hospital wards and uncollected rubbish, according to the European Information Society Group (Eurim).

The vision of the “public monitoring the state” and shaming them into action using cameraphones is one of several key ways that Eurim says technology can be used to transform government and empower the public.

Its report says: “New web applications such as YouTube or Patient Opinion enable people to monitor the state and to be heard. People can easily post videos of dirty hospital wards, of uncollected rubbish or of pot holes in the road, to a world-wide audience.

“Sous-veillance might transform political engagement due to its ease of use, by engaging even the time-poor majority and extending citizenship beyond the usual special interest groups.”

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