Citysense: Helping to Create Smartmobs since 2008
August 4th, 2008

via Yosem and the liberationtech mailing list at Stanford

Citysense has given smart mobs another way of finding each other without sending a single message. The theory is the more people, the greater the likelihood that there is something interesting going on.

How does it work?

‘uses advanced machine learning techniques to number crunch vast amounts of data emanating from thousands of cell-phones, GPS-equipped cabs and other data devices to paint live pictures of where people are gathering.’

An application does have to be installed in order for the software to work for you and it doesn’t work with iPhones just yet. The other downside is that it seems to be only on for San Francisco so far, but Citysense is expected to add more cities soon. It’s quite a neat little service that allows you to find (or avoid) crowds.

Instant nightlife, no plans needed.

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