World’s first wind-powered vehicle race
August 14th, 2008

The Aeolus Race will be run in Den Helder, a sea port in the Netherlands, on August 23, 2008. Six European teams will participate to this competition with wind-powered vehicles (WPVs). The track is a 5.3 kilometers seawall on the boundary between land and the sea. The students’ team at the University of Stuttgart is ready to ‘race the wind’ and will show its Ventomobile during a presentation at the University campus in Vaihingen on August 12, 2008. Of course, as the Aeolus Race is a competition, awards will be given by the organizers. And while it’s logical that awards are given to the fastest team or for the best design, an unusual one will be granted for ‘bad luck.’ But read more…

Links: ZDNet, Primidi

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