Roland’s Sunday Smart Trends #228
August 17th, 2008

Commanding Your Browser

The beauty of today’s search engines is their simplicity. Type a few keywords into an empty box, and see the 10 most relevant results. This week, Mozilla Labs expects to launch a similar interface for its Firefox Web browser. The new interface, called Ubiquity, lets users carry out all sorts of complex tasks simply by typing instructions, in the form of ordinary sentences, into a box in the browser.
Source: Kate Greene, Technology Review, August 12, 2008

Citizen-inspired e-government for ‘thin-skinned’ cities

E-government is the ‘in’ thing and a growing number of public services can now be delivered online. A major challenge faced, however, is how to get citizens more involved in public life and encourage greater interaction between the public sector and the man in the street. Three city authorities — Dublin, Helsinki and Barcelona — decided to get together to develop a new tool aimed primarily at improving citizen involvement in civic affairs and increasing the responsiveness of local services.
Source: ICT Results, August 11, 2008

Yahoo knows where you are

Given all the drama surrounding Yahoo’s corporate activities, it’s easy to forget that there is a business still to be run and new products to launch. On Tuesday at Yahoo’s San Francisco-based skunk works — known as the Brickhouse — the embattled Internet company unveiled a new location services platform dubbed Fire Eagle. (Yes, it’s silly name but say it ten times fast and think of Firefox and it begins to sound OK.)
Source: Michael V. Copeland, Fortune’s Techland blog, August 12, 2008

I got my job through social networking

When So, a 32-year-old technology salesman from Dublin, California, learned he had 45 days to find a new job before his company’s division was axed, he turned to friends online. Within hours of updating his job status on the social networking site LinkedIn, So’s contacts won him four job interviews. Within a week, two of the interviews resulted in offers. And within less than a month, his employer counteroffered with a position in another division and a $25,000 bump in his annual salary.
Source: Sarah Jane Tribble, The New York Times, August 14, 2008

Blogger rates local businesses on how accessible they are to disabled

Kenny Cieplik has spent most of his life in a wheelchair. But the day’s events were not just another frustration — they were included in his blog, The Traveling Wheelchair. Cieplik visits all types of establishments — banks, beaches, post offices, libraries, restaurants, and parks — and rates them on wheelchair accessibility, using a scale of zero to five stars. (Zero is bad, five stars is best.)
Source: Emily Sweeney, The Boston Globe, August 14, 2008

Barack Obama dominates Twitter

By Twitterholic’s last count, Sen. Barack Obama stands at 56,661 followers, compared with [Digg’s co-founder] Kevin Rose’s 56,442. Obama also has the second highest number of friends on Twitter — 59,338 — according to Twitterholic, which calculates individual statistics for each Twitter user a couple of times a day.
Source: Stephanie Condon, CNET’s Digital Media, August 13, 2008

A Social Network for Your Doctor, Pharmacist and Insurer

Imagine a virtual health clinic: Your lung doctor and heart specialist can pull up your online medical profile and chat, via instant messenger, about your medications. You schedule checkups online, create a wellness journal or even rate your general practitioner. WellNet Healthcare, a Bethesda health management company, is launching the beta version of this social network, Point to Point Healthcare, this month.
Source: Kendra Marr, The Washington Post, August 16, 2008

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