Two dimensional discussion: threaded video & threaded text
August 26th, 2008

HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory) has been sponsoring an online discussion of participatory learning.

Welcome to this discussion about participatory learning. You can stop the video widget below from playing (and start it again, if you wish), by hovering your mouse over the video window, which will make the clickable controls appear. Note that one of the controls is “reply.” If you click on that, and you have an account at (it doesn’t take long to register, and accounts are free), then an authentication form will pop up. Enter your Seesmic login info and you can reply to the video with your own video. See the small horizontal strip of thumbnails at the bottom of the video? Hover and click on those to play the replies. The replies are displayed in chronological order, with the earliest videos at your right — you can scroll through them in either direction, stop and click on any one, and stop it the same way, by hovering over the controls. At the same time that we invite you to join the discussion “horizontally” through these videos, you are invited to enter plain old text comments by way of the comment thread that scrolls vertically below this post.

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