About ‘Bliin-ning and Rumbling life’
August 30th, 2008

Blogged here last week that I started ‘bliin-ning my life’ and promised to keep you posted about the experiences.

From the hands on experience I pretty much endorse the Bliin concept. This despite the trouble that a bug on Windows Mobile 6 (build 18120 and later) gave initially on my device. The bug prohibited sending the GoogleMaps coordinates. Thanx to the intervention of Tomas of the Bliin team the Windows Mobile bug was properly dealt with. To celebrate that occasion you see one of my first pictures bliinned Live,

Twittering about my interest in location based social network services like Bliin prompted Gabriela Avram to send an invite for the beta of Rumble

[Thank you Gabriela !!]

Rummble is a location based social search and discovery tool, enabling users find recommended content for a location more easily, without a traditional keyword search. Instead, Rummble’s algorithm provides personalised results based upon a trust profile it builds for you and the content in your social network.

They’ve chosen to build their first service around location based content:

Discover content for any location (e.g. cool bars, local knowledge and the secret hangouts)
Give friends automatic warning when you will be in their area
Share location based content – reviews, photos, videos and blogs
Explore with Rummble on your mobile or on the web
Meet new people nearby
Publish your Rummbles and your location to Facebook and other social software
It works anywhere – you can use it at home or on the move via your mobile.

Rummble works globally and has been in closed Beta since September 2007. In April 2008 the Rummble service went into limited open Beta.

What I appreciate about Rumble is the connection to some other social networks you signed up for. A posted picture from my mobile device to Rumble is published with the same effort on Twitter and Flickr. It should not be necessary to upload on the spot to different social network sites. I will keep you posted about any further findings.

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