WikiProteins and the future of science
September 10th, 2008

via Bob Calder:

An articles that talks about the millions to work on WikiProteins, i.e. “web-based, interactive and semantically supported workspace based on Wiki pages and connected Knowlets” and smartmob science. For more about WikiProteins:

WikiProteins enables community annotation in a Wiki-based system.
Extracts of major data sources have been fused into an editable
environment that links out to the original sources. Data from
community edits create automatic copies of the original data. Semantic
technology captures concepts co-occurring in one sentence and thus
potential factual statements. In addition, indirect associations
between concepts have been calculated. We call on a ‘million minds’ to
annotate a ‘million concepts’ and to collect facts from the literature
with the reward of collaborative knowledge discovery. The system is
available for beta testing at webcite.

Bob Calder commented on the article stating that:

“It appears that some of the “virtual observatory” type arrangements have
a tiered arrangement to create relationships between data sets and the
ability to add your own as a user. It’s my opinion that we are in for a rapid discovery revolution
comparable to the first one in terms of impact.”

Here comes the science of the future.

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