Denmark: Research seminar on digital media and social activism in repressive regimes
September 19th, 2008

Denmark will be hosting during 10-11 November a research seminar entitled “Digital media, civic engagement and political mobilization in repressive regimes.” Organizers: The Institute for Society and Globalization (RUC) in cooperation with the Research School for International Development Studies (RUC) and the Danish Institute for Human Rights (IMR/DIIS). Theme related papers are expected and welcomed.

The goal of the seminar is to share, promote, and facilitate academic research in the field of digital media and public sphere in repressive regimes. There’s a double direction of the studies: the way the public sphere uses digital media to promote political and civil activism inside repressive regimes and the way repressive regimes use digital media to influence, control or censor the public sphere.

Three areas are of interest to the seminar: (a) methodological issues — data from the studies will add up to clearing the place of Internet activism among the social sciences, such as in relation to public sphere and social movement theory; (b) the conventional Eurocentric thinking about the public sphere will be challenged by analyzing new concepts, approaches, and understandings of the public sphere in relation to digital media in repressive regimes; (c) as a practical side of the seminar, there will be an emphasis on the mobilization for political change through digital networked technologies.

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